Prophecy of Mirinoi

To destined hands our trust shall go,
To ward off evil's crushing blow.
Forged in war, of fire and steel,
Your path in life these blades reveal.
Beware, who goes forth from the stone,
For power always calls its own.
And just as morning brings the night,
So darkness follows Quasar's light.
Five swords drawn hence, while war-flames burn.
When those flames die, six shall return.
The mystic blades find shelter here,
Where they weathered many a passing year.
And time itself will shift and quake
As the destined ones their paths shall take.
Blue to a trust as old as time,
Leaving his life and friends behind.
Green to the forge and the metal bands
And his love of the work of his own two hands.
Yellow to her people now restored,
Now the protector of each sword.
Two held Pink- one laid to rest,
The other to the home she still loves best.
Black to his powers and duties bound,
As the sky city lands upon the ground.
Red to a search for what once was lost,
And to find it, pay the ultimate cost.
Seven bright lives, intertwined streams--
For the briefest of moments, a river of dreams.

The Fire and The Rose

Once lit, the flame forever glows,
Through light and shadow, sun and rain.
Brilliant, eternal, the Fire and the Rose.

The furious wind of winter blows,
But the fire in strength will only gain.
Once lit, the flame forever glows.

Though hidden by a thousand snows,
The light goes on, through fear and pain.
Brilliant, eternal, the Fire and the Rose.

The water of time ebbs and flows,
Comes the flood or comes the drain,
Once lit, the flame forever glows.

Following the path she chose,
Met Death itself, they still remain.
Brilliant, eternal, the Fire and the Rose.

Though separated, still he knows
Along the path, they'll meet again.
Once lit, the flame forever glows.
Brilliant, eternal, the Fire and the Rose.

Eltaren Siege

Hot steel on the wind that scours the sky,
Blood-red light as the air goes by,
And metal screaming sounds on high
As the cities burn and the war-ships fly.
The streams run red, or they run dry.
Life slips away with barely a sigh
And the quiet light fades from the eye
As the cities burn and the people die.
Our friends abandoned where they lie,
The end of days is drawing nigh.
And we wonder why we even try
As the cities burn and the ghosts all cry.

Here We Go Again!

It started all those years ago,
Back in ninety-three,
That was the first time Angel Grove
Was an unsafe place to be.
Another year, some other Zords,
Nothing much saw change,
Except that we lost half the cast
Halfway through- how strange!
And here we go again,
The second time around,
As magic, and bad jokes,
And monsters abound!
Behold the power of Ninja!
The movie we'll redo!
And ref ol' Tommy's coming-in
As Kim leaves, halfway through.
And here we go again,
The third time around,
As magic, and bad jokes,
And monsters abound!
Another source of power!
We're starting up again.
Weirder costumes, Billy's gone,
Campbell's out, Sloan's in!
And here we go again,
The fourth time around,
As magic, and bad jokes,
And monsters abound!
We've based our show on cars now,
And one Ranger's a kid!
And halfway through, the entire cast--
Three guesses what they did.
And here we go again,
The fifth time around,
As magic, and bad jokes,
And monsters abound!
Zordon has been captured!
And yet another guy
Has graced us with his presence
As into space they fly!
And here we go again,
The sixth time around,
As magic, and bad jokes,
And monsters abound!
Cut all ties to the past!
And everything's brand-new!
Which all went in the scrap-heap
When the cast changes came through.
And here we go again,
The seventh time around,
As magic, and bad jokes,
And monsters abound!
The mentor's William Mitchell.
Looks like our Judd's a fan.
So let's hope that this newest crew
Stays on as best they can!
And here we go again,
The eighth time around,
As magic, and bad jokes,
And monsters abound!

No Regrets

I chose to take the gauntlet up,
For I was never one to let
The chance to make a difference pass by.
I forged the bond with sweat and tears,
And knowing all the danger, chose
To fight again, and stare death in the eye.
I took the flame within my hands,
And gave my heart and soul,
And fed the fire with all my years to come.
No regrets.
Standing on the edge of night,
Caught between the dark and light,
Thinking over all I've said and done.
No regrets.
I know I'd do it all again,
The fear, the laughter, and the pain,
And if the darkness falls, well, I've gone home.
No regrets.
Don't cry for me, my brother,
Don't weep for me, my friends.
I've chosen this, the fate that comes is mine.
And if my time comes due tonight,
Then in one flash of gold, I swear,
That I will light the darkness for all time.
No regrets.
Never regret.

Wizard's Elegy

In a prison made of light and time,
He sat and watched, and played his hand,
And shaped the future to a dream.
Years passed like falling grains of sand
Within an hourglass. Alone,
He watched the world go spinning by.
With lightning speed, eternal slow,
As countless lives flared but to die.
Bur finally freedom is at hand,
And though he leaves sad hearts behind,
He also gives a gift of hope
And peace, such as men rarely find.
He painted all the worlds with light
And passed beyond the reach of tears,
The prisoner going home tonight
From his prison of ten thousand years.

To Phantom

Come to me on wings of silver,
Starlight, moonlight, time,
Wrapped up in midnight's fairy rainbows
Of pearl and frost and rime.
Come to me by darkest night
When clouds have cloaked the sky
And all the world is drowned in shadows
Too deep for human eye.
You will not come in sunlight--
I won't ask to share the dawn.
Come to me by midnight and
By morning, go, move on.
You are a shade in darkness
And I know you fear the light.
But my heart is cold without you
So please come to me by night.

Silver Song (A Duet)

*All a lifetime spent in running,*
*I'm reaching always for the sky.*
*Just forget about forever,*
*Just forget that all men die.
*Power flowing in my veins,*
*Silver wings at my command.*
*Troubles vanish, all that matters*
*Is the craft beneath my hand.*
*Sing of silver, sing of ice,*
*Sing of dreams and fantasy,*
*Memories that cut like steel,*
*Futures that weren't meant to be.*
(Locked within death's cold embrace,)
(Floating, neither here nor there,)
(Lost in images and faces,)
(Memories of love and care.)
(Wake to find the world remolded,)
(The familiar life is gone,)
(Turn my back upon the darkness,)
(The past is past, so face the dawn.)
(Sing of silver, sing of ice,)
(Sing of dreams and fantasy,)
(Memories that cut like steel,)
(Futures that weren't meant to be.)
*Linked within by bonds unbroken,*
(Bonds whose nature's still unspoken,)
*Share a power without a name,*
(Burning both in silver flame.)
*Sing of silver,*
(Sing of ice,)
(*Sing of dreams and fantasy,*)
(Memories that cut like steel,)
*Futures that weren't meant to be.*

White Knight

All he ever wanted
Was to be the knight in white armor,
Saving the princess
And slaying the dragon.
And at last, he got his wish.
But now, the white armor is tarnished,
(_You are now Zeo Ranger V, Red,_)
The princess is gone,
(_You've been like a brother to me,_)
And that damn Dragon is still following him around.

Who Knew?

Who knew?
That a shy nerd would save a planet?
Who knew?
That a self-centered valley girl would find
The love of a lifetime- and lose it again?
Who knew?
That mortal enemies would become
Brothers in all but blood,
That a shy frog would become a courageous prince,
That a woman who had lost everything would find it,
That a forgotten child would find a family?
That strangers would become one blood,
And that in the end, love would conquer even death?
Who knew?

Spirits' Song

Cunning, swift, and sure am I,
Fur the color of the sky.
Little brother, pack-to-be,
Come and hunt the trails with me!

Lord of clouds that float above,
Flight our first and strongest love.
Little brother, falcon-free,
Come along and fly with me!

Heart that's full of love, take wing,
Voice that's full of joy must sing.
Little sister, pink of feather,
Let us fly the skies together!

We who make our comrades laugh
Ease a hard and lonely path.
Little brother, tree-to-tree,
Come along and play with me!

Quiet courage may be strong,
But too quiet, and you'll not last long.
Little brother, come along,
Help me fill the bogs with song!

Love and joy depend on others,
Protect your sisters and your brothers.
Little sister, strong and brave,
Come and join me in my cave!

Children of the power, come,
Your bonds shall never be undone
Though over time, your ways may part.
Remember- Power's from the heart.

Bedside Conversations

Why do you do this?
You push yourself
Until there's nothing left,
Until you fall, exhausted,
And we have to pick up the pieces.
Do you think we won't care?
I see her eyes
When we are waiting.
She's scared she'll lose you.
Is this the only way you know
To earn our trust?
Or is it simply that
Your life no longer has value?
You don't need to earn my trust,
You've always had it.
Since the day you left the darkness,
You have been my brother.
Don't be afraid
To take our hands-
We want only to help.
And don't turn your back on the light.
There is nothing there to fear.


The road from town
Reaches the mountains,
But no one comes here
Step carefully--
There are shadows here.
A pile of rubble on
A desert mesa,
It holds the echoes
Of half-forgotten dreams.
Step carefully--
There are phantoms here.
And if you listen hard,
To the silence of the sunset,
You can hear the laughter
Of those who have moved on.
Step carefully--
There are memories here.

Dialogue in Green

Running from a nightmare,
Stupid thing to do.
You can't escape the darkness
When the dark lives inside you.
Come and join the darkness,
Let it wear your face,
Slip to sleep at last in
The Shadow's cool embrace.
Come, stop running.

Running from a nightmare,
Running towards the light,
Blood's on fire within my veins,
But I won't give up the fight.
Turning from the darkness,
Reaching for the dawn,
I won't give in to siren tricks,
The fight keeps racing on.
I'm still running.

You think the light will save you?
Midnight owns your soul.
And until you admit that,
You won't ever be whole.
Why should you fight your nature?
Why strive for the light?
Remember all the pleasures
To be had in the night.
Come, stop running.

There are those who love me,
For them, I will not fall.
I will never surrender, though
The fight should take it all.
Step by step I'm climbing,
I'll leave behind the night.
Their love will form the ladder
That leads me to the light.
I'm still running.

Rainbow Road

Red is the color of blood,
Of passion and love and desire.
And the spirits that walk in its pathways
Will walk in the footsteps of fire.

Yellow's the color of sunlight,
Of daffodils, daisies, and corn.
And the spirits that follow that brightness
Bring the hope that will come with the morn.

Black is the color of darkness,
Of secrets and dreams in the night.
And the spirits wrapped up in this color
Bring the memories of hope to the fight.

Blue is the color of water,
The shimmering hue of the sky.
And the spirits that walk in that river
Seek knowledge that never will die.

Pink is the color of lovers,
Of roses and morning's first light.
And the spirits who carry this power
Will shine with love and kindness bright.

Green is the color of forests,
And their cool and welcoming shade.
And the spirits who follow this trailway
Shall walk on the edge of the blade.

White is the color of starlight
And moonlight, and new-fallen snow.
And the spirits who walk on the white roads
Perhaps, have the farthest to go...

Everybody Loves a Clown

Make a mask to hide your heart,
Hide the teardrops falling down,
Keep your pain far, far apart,
'Cause everybody loves a clown.

When everyone's faith is broken,
You glue it back in place again.
Choose with care each bright word spoken-
You are the sunshine in the rain.

Though the fear inside is burning,
Burning 'til there's nothing there,
Make believe your world keeps turning,
Make believe that you don't care.

If you say the world can't touch you,
Maybe someday you'll believe.
If you pretend their loss can't hurt you,
Maybe someday they won't leave.

Never let them see you wonder,
See the doubt that brings you down,
Though it's tearing you asunder-
'Cause everybody loves a clown.

Monday's Ranger

Monday's Ranger is fair of face,
(Silver warrior, freed from ice.)
Tuesday's Ranger is full of grace,
(And found and lost the same love twice.)
Wednesday's Ranger is full of woe.
(Lost his home and sister and friend.)
Thursday's Ranger has far to go.
(From Princess of Darkness to what in the end?)
Friday's Ranger is loving and giving,
(Able to melt his heart with a smile.)
Saturday's Ranger works hard for a living,
(And stays in the background all the while.)
But the Ranger that's born on the Sabbath day,
(With quiet courage and steadfast heart,)
Is blithe and bonny and good and gay.
(And strength when the whole world breaks apart.)


Dancing in the sunlight,
Try to forget the past.
Just ignore the hurt,
Leave the dark behind at last.
Forget the nagging questions
Burning in your brain,
Don't wonder if you're worth it,
Push on through the pain.
Tell yourself he loves you,
Say that he'll forget.
Conveniently ignore the fact
It hasn't happened yet.
Pretend you haven't noticed
That deep down, he doesn't care.
Pretty ballerina,
Go on dancing in the air.


I bid thee, lady, sleep in peace.
Forget the strife and steel,
And leave behind the sweat and tears,
The fear that mortals feel.
No wounds to mar thy beauty,
No sickness dulled thine eyes,
No weakness taints the shining light
That o'er thy memory lies.
I bid thy sleep be sweet and mild,
And filled with gentle dreams.
Let starlight weave its silver spell.
Rest well on bright moonbeams.
Remember those who love you true,
Forget the fear and pain,
Thy sacrifice has paved thy path;
You did not fall in vain.
I bid thee sleep, I bid thee peace,
And joy where you now roam;
And hope that you are not disturbed
By tears that fall at home.


Roses are red and roses are white,
The blood of the heart and the soul that takes flight.
White roses in summer are purest of all,
And the red rose it blossoms when white petals fall.
White is the light, from the dark come away.
The color of hope and the strength of the day
That chases off evil, does away with the night
And covers all failings in oceans of light.
Armor of crystal white, shining and clear,
Guarding a heart that no longer knows fear,
Purer than snowfall that melts into flood--
Then brilliant white drowned in an ocean of blood.
Red is for passion, for anger denied,
Locked away by the white and ignored, 'til the tide
Came flooding back, screaming and sparkling bright
And washing away the last traces of white.
Armor of crimson, pulsing with life,
The color of power and fire and strife,
Another disguise, once again he has lied,
Painting over the green heart that still beats inside.