The Eel's Lair
Last updated: 10/25/02 Maxica Updated

Welcome to my homepage! It's not much, but then, computers and I are uneasy allies at best. :) If you're wondering about the name of the page, it's a reference to Piers Anthony's Xanth series. The eclectic eel takes a little of this and a little of that to construct its home. Not very original, but it knows what it likes. I thought that was appropriate. :)

Anyway, this being the lair of an eclectic eel, you'll find a little of everything. I don't confine myself to one fandom-- or one anything, for that matter. Anime, american cartoons, Power Rangers, Transformers; the list goes on and on. You won't find any of my Power Ranger fanfics here, though. I don't have the server space. I mean, REALLY! Instead, you'll find links to places you can read my work, as well as things that don't get posted at the archives. This mainly is my essays on various things; please read 'em! I think you might find them interesting! You'll also find fanart, if I ever get access to a scanner. (Wish really hard and/or send me money...)

Well, what are you hanging around here for? Go browse!

Oh, and on the subject of updates... check back here about once a week. Don't expect me to update every week, but I won't update any sooner than that. Probably.

Power Rangers: The first, and still reigning champion among my fandoms. You'll find links to fanfic pages here, a couple essays, and a few other odds and ends. Come check it out!

Transformers: Say it with me, kids. "More than meets the eye!" Well, technically, this is more about Beast Wars than anything else... but you CAN find out just why I like Hot Rod! And check out my tech spechs!

Miscellaneous: Stuff that doesn't go anywhere else. Anime essays, the lyrics to American Sailor Moon songs, and various weird American Cartoon stuff. Oh, and the A-team, too!

Poetry: I love poetry. I love to read it and write it. Here you'll find what I consider the best of my various works.

Mega Man: Well, I have so much Mega Man stuff, I'm giving it it's own page! All hail the Blue Bomber in his MANY incarnations!

The Encyclopedia Maxica: My Max Steel site. Figured it was about time someone had a show-based site...

Fanart: It's done! It's finally done! Come in to see my art, such as it is...

All About Ellen: Everything you never wanted to know about me, but were afraid I'd tell you anyway. And you were right! BWAHAHAHAHAHA-cough-HAHAHA! (Actually, I'm told these are obligatory in Web Page design... The "about me" section, not the maniacal laughter.)

That's it! I'm done! Go check out the rest of the site, dang it!

Please remember to email me. If I don't get e-mail, I run screaming through the streets-- oh, no, wait. That's finals week. Well, mail me anyway, all right?